NewAge Food and Beverage Hose

NewAge® Food & Beverage Hose
Food & Beverage Grade Nitrile Hose for Suction & Discharge Applications

Food and Beverage Hoses
  • Ultra-smooth, white, nitrile rubber inner surface offers high purity and allows unrestricted flow, minimizing entrapment and blockage concerns
  • Core complies with FDA standards for use with food contact surfaces and meets all requirements for 3-A rating
  • More flexible than other rubber food and beverage hoses of similar construction
  • Abrasion-resistant nitrile compound cover is lightweight yet durable
  • Multi-layered and reinforced with a wire helix, making it ideal for suction or discharge applications
  • Working pressure rated at 150 psi at 70°F (21.1°C)
  • Maximum burst pressure rated at 600 psi at 70°F (21.1°C)
  • Rated for full vacuum (29.9 in./Hg.)
  • Suitable for a wide variety of food and beverage applications including potable water, non-alcoholic beverages, juices, oily/fatty or dry bulk foods, milk, and dairy products
  • Available in bulk quantities or as complete hose assemblies
  • Offered in a range of popular sizes
  • May be cleaned using CIP at 248°F (120°C)
  • See specifications below

NewAge Food and Beverage HoseMADE IN USAFor more information please contact us at:

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Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Inner tube: White FDA Nitrile rubber
Reinforcement: 1 ply polyester both under and over helix wire
Wire: Steel dual helix
Cover: Gray Nitrile rubber

Hose fittings are available in the following styles:

  • Tri-Clamp®
  • Cam & Groove
  • I-Line
  • Tubeweld
  • Custom Welded Ends

All fittings are made from 316 stainless steel. Collars for fitting attachment made from 300 series stainless steel.


NAFB-NW - Food & Beverage Hose

NAFB-NW-1000 1 25.40 1.446 36.73 29.9 4 101.60 .61
NAFB-NW-1500 1.5 38.10 2.030 51.56 29.9 5 127.00 1.00
NAFB-NW-2000 2 50.80 2.540 64.52 29.9 6 152.40 1.19
NAFB-NW-2500 2.5 63.50 3.030 76.96 29.9 7 177.80 1.49
NAFB-NW-3000 3 76.20 3.580 90.93 29.9 8 203.20 2.05
NAFB-NW-4000 4 101.60 4.720 119.89 29.9 11 279.40 3.16

NOTE: Standard coil length is 100 ft. Contact a sales representative for information on assemblies. Maximum temperature/pressure adjustment: For every 3 (three) degree rise in temperature, reduce the working pressure by 1 (one) psi. Maximum temperature is 210°F (98.8°C)..

The data listed throughout this web site is meant only as a guide to aid in design, and is believed to be reliable; however, nothing stated shall constitute a guarantee or warranty for any application. Product field-testing should be performed to find the actual values for a specific application.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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For more information please contact us at:

Phone: 800-506-3924 or 215-526-2300
Fax: 800-837-1856 or 215-526-2190

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