Food and Beverage Grade Hose and Tubing

  • <H4>Food & Beverage Grade Nitrile Hose</H4>

    Food & Beverage Grade Nitrile Hose

    Suitable for a wide variety of food and beverage applications including potable water, non-alcoholic beverages, juices, oily/fatty or dry bulk foods, milk, and dairy products. Ideal for suction and discharge applications.
  • <H4>Beer & Wine Beverage Grade Butyl Hose</H4>

    Beer & Wine Beverage Grade Butyl Hose

    Works best in non-oily beverage and food applications including potable water, beer, wine, and juices. Multi-layered and reinforced with a helix wire, this hose is ideal for suction and discharge applications.
  • <H4>Clearflo<sup>®</sup> Ag-47 Antimicrobial Tubing</H4>

    Clearflo® Ag-47 Antimicrobial Tubing

    CLEARFLO Ag-47 is suitable for a wide variety of food contact applications and designed to protect your food or beverage product from harmful bacteria. It's manufactured from a clear flexible Shore A74 compound with the addition of antimicrobial protection.
  • <H4>Nylobrade<sup>®</sup> Braid Reinforced Clear Hose</H4>

    Nylobrade® Braid Reinforced Clear Hose

    Clear NYLOBRADE is made from non-toxic raw materials that conform to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for use in food contact applications. Its NSF listing makes NYLOBRADE a good choice for drinking water applications, those involving water at temperatures up to 60°C (140°F), and food processing applications.
  • <H4>Silicone Unreinforced Tubing and Braid Reinforced Hose</H4>

    Silicone Unreinforced Tubing and Braid Reinforced Hose

    Our cleanroom manufactured Silicone products meet requirements for cleanliness and non-toxicity. Resistance to extreme temperature variations enables use in applications where a flexible tubing is needed to handle temperatures not possible with other materials.


NewAge Industries features high quality tubing and hose products suitable for a wide variety of food and beverage applications. Hoses feature ultra-smooth inner surfaces which offer high purity and allow unrestricted flow, minimizing entrapment and blockage concerns. Microbe resistant liners are built on stainless steel mandrels for cleanliness and will not impart taste or odor. Antimicrobial tubing contains an ingredient that is throughout the tubing, not only on the interior as with similar products.


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